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Notes from the Field

A walk on the beachA walk on the beach

Imagine strolling around on a sandy beach. It is early morning and the air is crisp. Waves rhythmically caress the tide line as birds call from overhead. Shorebirds skitter along the waterline, dodging the gentle waves. You can see the silhouettes of hundreds of terns, serenely perched on the beach in front of you. As you walk towards these birds, they effortlessly take to the air, circling the sky above you. Suddenly, you feel a warm, wet sensation on your arm and then smell something that resembles anchovy paste and low tide. You look down and shrug. Compared to other jobs you may have, the crap that falls down on you here isn’t so bad.

- Lauren Reinalda, Field Crew Leader, Columbia River Estuary

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Observations and creative in-sights by members of our field crew